N99 Double Fan Cooling Pad

3 - 5 Days
This cooling pad is a simple stand that elevates your notebook to a comfortable viewing angle and allows you to work with a better posture. The aluminum meshed design ensures that heat dissipates quickly to prevent your notebook from overheating. Its slim and lightweight feature gives you the absolute convenience to take it anywhere you go with easy stowaway.   
Many people purchase a notebook cooler when they purchase a new laptop. This is because many laptops still get very hot and many notebook coolers also act as a stand for their laptop. The N182 from Cooler Master is not only a notebook cooler, it also acts as a notebook stand as well with 5 adjustable viewing angles. It also features two 160mm fast-moving fans, a 2-port USB hub, and a great ergonomic design.
  • Material: Metal mesh, Plastic, Rubber, 
  • Steel Weight: 1.05kg 
  • Dimension: 370 x 265 x 33 ~ 58 mm 
  • Operation degree: 6.5 ~ 45 degree 
  • Compatibility: from 9-inch netbook to 17-inch laptop 
  • USB port: USB 1.1/2.0 x 4 
  • Cable length: 600mm 
  • Others: 4 anti-slip rubbers
General Features
  • Slim shape and lightweight design offers great portability
  • Sturdy - dependable sturdy structure for long-term laptop use
  • Protection and storage - lightweight notebook cooler that is also great for protecting and storing your notebook
  • Comfort - ergonomic angle for comfortable viewing height and better working position
  • Cooling - efficient dissipation design to prevent overheating
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