Waist Shaper & Trainer - Black

3 - 5 Days

Neotex Smart Fabric
Made with special Neotex smart fabric technology, this ultra-thin waist trimmer generates heat to comfortably increase temperature wherever it makes contact with the skin. The breathable high-performance fabric conforms to your figure, giving you a desired comfortable fit.

Lose Weight Faster
This lightweight material not only provides comfort but also allows you to move freely. No need to worry about sweat exposure as the moisture-wicking material guarantees you will stay dry on the outside. It offers you some assistance with losing an abundance of body weight speedier than at any time in recent memory.

Boost Your Wellness
It works awesome and is anything but difficult to use in ordinary body life. It helps in expanding the center temperature of your body and helps in thinning down your tummy, waist, stomach area, and thighs. It helps in boosting your wellness schedule.

Hide In Plain Sight
This sleek and comfortable waist trimmer is known for taking the smallest workouts to world-class athletic levels. Designed to fit your body seamlessly, the hot belt is virtually undetectable under most clothing.

Wear With Instant Trainer
Wear it during an intense workout at your next spinning class or during a calming yoga experience. For optimal results, wear with Instant Trainer. The easily adjustable waist trainer provides much-needed compression to slim the waistline. 

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